Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Buzzed? Perhaps.

Okay. So I got a new job.

Wait. Maybe I should tell you that I now have THREE jobs.




2 bartending jobs and 1 office job.

Good times, people. Good times.


Yeah. So now I have three jobs and I'm not making BANK, but I'm making just enough to pay the bills, enjoy a gourmet coffee drink every-so-often, and sneak in a clothing shopping spree here and there. (shhhhh.....)

Hubby and I are doing damn good. Which is ALWAYS a good thing. =)

Planning on a mini vacation to Epcot in Orlando for the Food & Wine Festival.
We went last year and it was definitely more fun then I had anticipated.

Again...which is ALWAYS a good GREAT thing.

Haven't been blogging because I just haven't been really into it. I've been lurking a shitload of fashion blogs...and of course Raymi's blog...which isn't about fashion but is about a cool ass chick who I need to hang with sommmmeday...but yeah...back to the fashion stuff...I am getting so damn much inspiration from these fashion blogs. They are helping me with my daily outfits and also in the sense that they inspire me to be more creative in other areas of my life. Allllso...when I feel good in what I am wearing, it makes me have more confidence...which leads to great things.

Did I mention that I got promoted at my new job after only being there for 2.5 weeks?!?!?

Yeah. I guess it works a lil'. ;-)

Okay...I guess that I've covered most of what I need to say. Will cover more later. I have good music to listen to and some deeeeeeee-licious pinot noir to consume.


Current Artist: Nina Simone
Current Song: Feelin Good (Joe Claussell Remix)
Album: Verve Remixed

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

yes yes yes

still alive.
not wanting to blog right now.
all is okay and well.
just...ya know...

not. in. the. mood. (mode.)


will update laaaaaaaater.