Sunday, November 15, 2009

You big twit.

Obviously I haven't been posting. Too much going on. Entirely too busy. Moved about 1300+ miles away from where I've lived my whole life. Am getting adjusted to the huge weather change. Got a promotion at work...more stress, barely a boost in pay...but a learning experience and will pay off in the long run (I hope).

Annnnyway... Since it's hard for me to actually find the time to sit down and type out a blog...I decided to join...(wait for it...wait for it)...twitter. Yeah. Always told myself that there would be no way in hell I was going to join that thing...but I did. ::sigh::

So please feel free to "follow me" if you feel so inclined. =)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Went down to the Keys this weekend. Spent a lil time in Key Largo and then went to Holiday Isle in Islamorada to bask under the scorching hot sun while sippin' on a Rum Runner next to the ocean and pool...and then switchin' over to drinking Presidente beer....annnnd then back to Rum Runners. Needless to say, I was buzzed...and sunburned. =) MUCH fun!

Then we went to dinner at Snappers. For an appetizer we had fried lobster bites (so good!) and then for my entree I had cedar planked salmon with a basil cream sauce, with sauteed zucchini & squash and a baked sweet potato. MmmMMmmGood.

Nothing crazy to report. Was a pretty chill weekend. Which is good because I was sicksicksick this week, and I think being out in the fresh air and getting some sun really helped me feel waaaay better.

STILL have to start packing up the house and get us ready for our big move to the Northeast. Only 2 months to go (MAX!)...and I'm a procrastinator. Oy vey.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I live for the weekend.

Last night = Went to a wine tasting, then to have some sushi & Asahi, then a cool little dive bar with a nice selection of "fancy" beers. St. Bernardus Prior 8 = Yummy!

Tonight = Marlins/Dodgers game and hittin up a bar (or three) in South Beach

Tomorrow = Slowcooker Sunday & relaxing/recuperating =)

Please, God, let me win the lottery so everyday will feel like a weekend!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I suck at blogging.

Seriously. Why did I even start a blog if I'm only gonna update this thing every couple/few months??????????
Sheesh. I'm a slacker. LOL

Annnnyway. Husband and I are getting ready to make a big move out of state. I've lived here since I was four. This is going to be a HUGE change for me. Sunny winters to freezing cold winters. Should be interesting. BUT the huge plus will be that I'll be able to do some shopping for winter clothes. And what girl doesn't like...scratch that...LOVE shopping??!! Okay maybe there's a few out there who don't love it...but I am certainly NOT one of 'em. Shopping and me are besties fo' lyfe. =)

I'd like to add a couple opinions about couple things...

FIRST. Drew Peterson, Troy Ryan Bellar, Ervin Lupoe, Christopher Wood, William Parente, Billy Hardy, Robert Farquharson, etc. What the &%$#@ is wrong with you people??!!! I don't understand what in the hell would make someone kill their entire family. Seriously. I don't get it. Fine....kill yourself. But your FAMILY??????!! It's disgusting. Really, really disgusting.

SECOND. Octomom, Lindsay, Angelina+Brad+Jennifer, Keifer, Carrie Prejean, Rihanna+Chris Brown, Paula Abdul, etc. I'm tired of hearing about you. I'm tired of seeing you all over the internet. I'm tired of seeing you on my television. Period.

Okay. That's all I've got for now.

Oh more thing.... Wine Tastings = My new addiction. =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

GREAT Live Music + Comedy@ Improv + Tasty Beverages + Good Food + Sports = PERFECT weekend

I cannot begin to tell you exactly how excited I am that I will be seeing/hearing Big Head Todd & the Monsters perform live tomorrow night.

The first (and only) time I have seen them perform, was back around '99 at a club I bartended at. Marlboro (yeah...the nasty cigarette) held a "secret show" there. The only way you could get in the door was to have a certain amount of Marlboro Miles. No one who was coming to the show knew exactly what band they were going to see. There couldn't have been more than a hundred people there. It was AWESOME. It was so close-up... It was, by far, one of the best shows I have ever seen/heard. Marlboro also had Cheap Trick & Soul Asylum play there for their "secret shows"....but as good as those bands were...they didn't come close to Big Head Todd.

Along with seeing them tomorrow night...I'll be seeing one of my favorite comedians, Mitch Fatel, perform @ the Improv this weekend...and hitting up a festival on Sunday...and eating steak, drinking beer & watching sports on Monday night. Ahhhh...the life... =)