Thursday, April 17, 2008

An oh-so-exciting update......... Not so much.

I am alive. Yes.
Been a lil busy though.

Been workin'. And playin'.
And the in-laws have been in town.
And then there was Beerfest to go to.

My hubby bought me a very special one year anniversary gift too. =)
An antique makeup vanity & bench.
He knows how much I've been wanting one. ::swoon::
LoveLoveLOVE that man. xoxoxo

Pics to come (hopefully) soon.
STILL haven't found my camera cord so that I can upload the pics.
SO aggravating.
I guess I COULD just go buy a new one...
but I just know that sucker is around here SOMEWHERE...
and the second I get home after buying a new cord...
that lil bastard will turn up.


Sooooooooooo annnnnyway...
that's all I haveta say right now.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Okay. I'm better now.

Had a couple moments of deeply pissed off lunacy last night...

but I woke up in a good mood today and am ready to find my camera cord without destroying everything in my path. =)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bombay Shmombay.

Oh yeah...

and I'd like to add a lil somethinsomethin about how PISSED I am that Bombay Co. is no longer in the U.S.

They were my "GO TO" home furnishing store. My dining room dresser...tables...wall art...etc etc etc...are from there... and it's not here anymore.

It's -bullshit- I tell ya.

Complete and utter BULLSHIT.